Chuck Cash and the Fenland Cowboys - Pioneers of the Fenland country rock known as Crockery
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An eel whispering singer, a chicken-wrangling drummer and a horse-teasing bass player blaze their way across the fenland plains sharing their unique brand of musical entertainment.
Their first CD "The Crockery Set" was so popular with their mothers that they felt compelled to release a second album, "Get Down...Dirty!
Once described by Simon Cowell as his "worst kind of act ever" these fen cowboys have suffered greatly for their art, but now they think it's your turn.
Chuck Cash has written songs for Robbie Williams, Scissor Sisters and The Killers amongst others.  None of these artists have actually heard any of the songs written for them by Chuck but he's pretty certain they'd really like them.
Born in the heart of the fens and with the inability to hurry, Chuck has never had the need for haste, never has, never will.  As a child he would go on long bicycle rides all on his own. He didn't start off alone but those kids rode their bikes at brake-neck speed, he was never going to keep up.
He first learned to perform on the doorsteps of unsuspecting neighbours. Too slow to escape during games of ring-and-run, instead he would invent charactors to perform, on occasion recreating whole scenes from movies for nothing more than his own amusement and the entertainment (and / or confusion) of each solo audience member (victim) he encountered.  Fortunately, for his neighbours, we now have YouTube for that sort of thing.
Silver, the hot-fingered, four-string slapper also teases horses in his spare time, not for stud purposes, he just enjoys mocking the equine community.  His favourite meat is lamb and he strongly refutes the song 'Belly on legs' is in fact, about him.
Lucky number:  Blue.
The Rooster, skin-scratcher and suitcase kicker likes to keep chickens.  He also steals them and on occasion, dresses them up as cheap hookers.  His love of the humble egg is only rivalled by his passion for the soil.  His allotment now measures 20 rods and is reserved solely for soil.  He seems to have an almost limitless supply.  (At least 6 feet deep).
Favourite colour: 3.
The band can often be found rehearsing in a hurry, and regularly don't bother at all.  'The more we practice the worse it sounds so now we try to play as little as possible' says Chuck.
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